“Don’t be intimidated by the predator”Author launches books on child sexual abuse

A NON-government organisation, Smile and Shine Children’s Foundation, has been launched to help curb child sexual abuse in the country.

The foundation, according to its founder, Dr. Nimi Ekere, aims to change societal perspectives, beliefs, and responses to child sexual abuse and also offer support to the victims.

The event, which took place yesterday at Civic Centre, Victoria Island, Lagos, was tagged “Combating the rising scourge of child sexual abuse”.

Ekere also launched four books to enlighten readers on child sexual abuse.

The books are: Some Parts Are Special (for children aged between two and seven years); Setting Boundaries (for older children and pre-teens); Sparkles at Dawn (for teenagers and young adults); and Into The Light (for parents and guardians),

“Smile and Shine Children’s Foundation aims to prevent child sexual abuse and provide primary medical care and interventions to victims and those at risk. We aim to make Nigeria the safest place to raise a child. While we recognise this is a huge task, it is one we have started a journey towards by offering guidance and counseling to children who have been sexually abused,” she said.

Speaking at the event, Lagos State Commissioner for Education, Mrs. Folorunsho Adefisayo encouraged victims, parents, schools, and organizations to speak out in the face of abuse and also advised schools and institutions to train teachers to discern traumatized children.

“The earliest sign of child sexual abuse ranges from a frightful and withdrawn child to a child who was previously intelligent, performing badly in their academics. Others include a cheerful child suddenly becoming introverted, and the list goes on. Teachers, parents, and guardians need to be taught to spot these behavioral changes, and when they see it, to act. Don’t be intimidated by the predator. Stand and fight,” she said.


Source: The Nation News

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