Hospital holds free health service for elders

Our Friend Hospital has organised a free health services for the elderly people in Lagos.

The fourth of its kind tagged Health Forum saw over 250 aged people benefitted.

Our Friend Hospital’s Founder, Dr Isa AbdulMujeeb, said the gesture was a way of giving back to the society.

According to him, five doctors were invited to attend to the beneficiaries.

Dr AbdulMujeeb said: “We ran a number of tests for them and at the same time, we gave them drugs, all of these are free. We also counselled them about their health. Today, we had two sessions of lectures, the first lecture was delivered by one of our doctors who educated them on respiratory infections in old age.

“We also had practical session on how older people can sustain healthiness on the chest to avoid some diseases. The typical one we did was to play around with balloon like children do; asking an old person to blow a balloon till it get busted which would have activated a lot of fun within the lungs and that keeps such a person to live longer. If such a person inhales any infection, he can easily take it out because the chest has become flexibility.”

The medical practitioner added that the doctors enlightened the elders on how to manage pains, without using drugs.

“We realised that a number of them depends on drugs that actually cause other complications like kidney problem, ulcer, diabetes and other related problems.

“When a person is still very capable and agile, plan for your old age by putting in place medical package, smaller house to accommodate old individuals, be friendly to people and grandchildren, don’t lose friends contact and visit natural environment occasionally. Couples that are still alive should stay together till last breath, as all these would help fight loneliness and make them healthy,” he advised.

He implored the government to set up health care services for the old and set up a panel that would deal with people that neglected and abuse the older persons.

Source: Nation News



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