This Nigerian Designer Quit Nursing School To Create Her Own Brand

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““I tell people, if you’re not 100 percent committed, don’t do it,” Asiyami told Cosmopolitan in 2017. —–
#AsiyamiGold (Nigerian-American) quit nursing school when she was 22 years old to pursue artistic endeavors. Her parents were confused with the decision. “How could you leave that and go and paint and think painting is going to bring you money?” she recalled. “They didn’t understand. It’s very foreign.”

She is now a full-time influencer, photographer, and designer in her late 20’s. —–
“I had tricked myself into believing that’s what I wanted to do [nursing] with my life. I had a Tumblr, and on Tumblr, you get to reblog beautiful images of people, and I was just fascinated by the fact that people could create such beautiful imagery and I wanted to replicate that. When I got on Instagram [when I was 21] I saw more of it but I didn’t see anyone who looked like me. So I began to wonder, “This aesthetically pleasing and beautiful lifestyle I’m drawn to —is it only attainable by people who don’t look like me?” So I decided I wanted to give a different perspective to women of color. I decided to quit nursing school.” (Cosmopolitan) —–
After quitting nursing school, she moved from Georgia to New York. She moved in with a friend in Harlem. She recalls reading the book, The Alchemist. “I just need a sign to know that I’m not making one of the biggest mistakes of my life.”
All of her pieces are sourced and made in Nigeria! As stated on the website, “With 10% of every sale going to building education bursary that will fund the next generation of young and bright Abua youths through university.” —-
Follow her journey ⏭  on Instagram @asiyami_gold // Shop //” .

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