Nonnistics debuts The Black Diamond Collection.





The BLACK DIAMOND collection by Nonnistics is a monochrome themed collection inspired by our deep African heritage of the beautiful black skin with its glowing melanin, the irrepressible truth about the African Fashion Industry which has clearly risen from the dark ashes of obscurity to the clear rays of the sunlight. The continent of Africa as undeveloped and struggling as it may be, remains the world’s repository of ‘diamonds’ – rich in human and natural resources including the physical diamonds.

According to the creative director –Nnonye…..Our fashion industry while making huge strides yet remains deeply untapped. Diamonds are found deep in the mud bed of oceans. To reach them, you would have to feel the dirt of the mud and wetness of the waters but when you have them, you have great value! And this is why my collection is named the THE BLACK DIAMOND COLLECTION”…..


About Nonnistics

The brand Nonnistics is a full-fledged design house operating from Lagos, Nigeria. We design apparels across the full spectrum of apparel design comprising women’s, men’s and children’s apparel, bridal wears as well as costumes. Our designs are inspired by the world around us, the dynamic taste of our ever expanding clientele and our wacky imaginations.







Brand Name: @nonnistics


Model: Joyce @bossmodelsa  & Mary  @zaharamodels


Photography: @kolaoshalusi


Styling|: @kayito_n


Hair: @tonysbeautyace









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