Songstress Waje And Omawumi Team Up To Create Thier Own Music Company

RepostBy @omawonder:
“In 2017 Waje and I combined their talent, industry know-how and business sense to create Hernanes Media.

According to Waje, ”We have a combined number of over 25 years of experience working in and navigating the media industry, which we believe can put into good use to fuel a new generation”. We are joining forces with the industry to start reflecting our stories, our story of consistency, hard work, collaboration and being the solution and we intend to be more expressive and innovative about it.

With a team of experts on board, Hermanes Media provides services such as film/tv production, tv adverts, content curation, brand event activation, and creative digital marketing. Adding to the excitement surrounding the potential of this new venture, We are equally thrilled to be LAUNCHING our first project which will be communicated next month.
We hope you as excited as we are as we embark on this remarkable journey.
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Photo by @mofebamuyiwa”

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