The Thrills Of My Labor; The Pain And The Joy – Adeola Olonilua Bello ( Founder Nigerian Women Diary)

I am one of those women who absolutely knows that I want to have kids. I have always fantasized about getting pregnant and carrying my own babies and if you read the posts on my Instagram page(NigerianWomenDiary), you would know how much I adore babies and credit women who go through the birthing process. It just feels like one of those things that is nothing like anything else that you do in life.

Giving birth is not a unique experience, by any means, but it’s an experience unique to every woman. I had my baby some days ago and trust me despite the desire to do the whole pregnancy and giving birth thing, my experience was completely terrific and amazing at the same time. Being the founder of NigerianWomenDiary; a page focused on celebrating women, I couldn’t wait to share with you my followers my experience (The pain, the tears, the shouts , and of course the joy and smile that comes after).


Kayla Bello ❤️✨?? 19-11-2018

Pre Labor
It all started on Friday ( 16th of November) with so much pain, more like the contractions. I’ll say for the record that the pressure is just as hard to handle as the pain. The pressure was so intense for me. The first EDD ( Expected Date of Delivery) I did showed that my baby would come on the 27th of November but the last time I did the test /scan, the doctor said my baby would be coming earlier than that. At that moment I didn’t really know what I felt, whether it was the excitement that my baby is coming early or the thought of the labor pain. I was in two worlds.

Later that day, the pain became increasingly intense. I had to call my gynecologist to complain about the pain to which he said I had started contracting. He told me to start timing the intervals of the contraction and when the timimg gets really close, I should find my way to the hospital. I had to manage myself all the way to Saturday. I couldn’t sleep on Saturday night, at this point, all I could hear in my head was Jhene Aiko’s song- “Pain”. I had concluded in my mind that  first thing in the morning, I shall find my way to the hospital! The pain was unbearable, I cried like a baby.


I left for the hospital the next day. I was checked  in but nurses said it wasn’t yet time. I was just in my early labor phase and my Cervix is just dilated to 2cm! A long way from the 10cm active labor mark! I was strapped in bed while my baby’s heartbeat was being monitored the whole time. Around 1pm another nurse came to check and she told me I just hit 4cm.. it was time to move to labor ward and continue waiting, experiencing a million and one pain at once. I could tell my spirit was in pains too. The pain was so intense that I was on my hands and knees in the hospital hallway, yelling through contractions.


The Labor
While I was in the labor ward, all I could see, hear and feel was pain. I asked for something to relief the pain but the nurse kept saying there was nothing they could do for me, I should try not to scream when the contractions hit and just take a deep breath!


The pain grew  more intense by the seconds. I cried my eyes out. At some point I felt like going to the toilet, but the nurses said nothing was there, that it was just the baby pressing against my spine..  giving signs for birthing. I wanted to urinate and a pipe, I mean a pipe was inserted in my urethra  to draw out the urine. My God! I wanted to faint. Then I finally hit the 7cm mark and the nurse brought some pain relief, inected it in my drip but I felt nothing!! No relief of any sort, instead the contractions became even more stronger! Wow! Then i vomited all the place *sigh. This continued all through the night. Then around 1am I finally hit 9cm and my midwife said I have suffered enough, that they would induce me so I can start to push out my baby! The relief!!!!!


When it was finally time for labor, i was given an injection on my buttocks ( Another pain relief ) then got into the “push position”. I  was asked to push. I pushed with all my strength till there was no strength in me again. It’s was like my uterus suddenly became my worst enemy. Honestly, the pain was so intense and for so long that I went out of my head. Sadly, I couldn’t leave my body.

Trying to describe it is so hard! It’s the most intense thing because you feel like you’re dying giving life. At one point, I said, “I can’t do this.” and at another point, the expectation of seeing my daughter’s face was overwhelming. That gave me the courage to go on.

I continued pushing and the funny thing  at the same time painful was that the baby’s head was not even coming out. That made me wanted to run mad. I was told to push when the contraction hit me, in my head I was pushing with all my strength lol! The nurses encouraged me to push harder, meanwhile the midwife was assisting me by running her finger through my vagina to create more space for the baby’s passage. I pushed and pushed and pushed! nothing was still happening.


I cried and cried. After a while, the nurses told me that according to the baby’s monitor, the baby’s heartbeat as beginning to drop!  My baby was getting tired. Tir… what ? I was like “Olorun o nii jeki rogun tired” (God will not let me see tired). I immediately gathered strength and started pushing again because with the way they nurrses and mid wife was looking at me with pity face ehn… I do not want to go for a C section. So I gathered the last strength in me and pushed for longer period!  The pressure in my abdomen, back and running down my legs became harder and harder to bear.

After continuous pushing, the nurses concluded that the passage was too small for the baby… before I knew it, they already brought out scissors to cut my vagina in order to create a wider path way for the baby. After the cutting, I was asked to push again to which the baby’s head finally came out, then the body. I had delivered a bouncing baby girl. Tears rushed down my eyes as I was too weak to say a word.

Post Labor
The baby came out and cried not. I  could hear my husband asking the Midwife if the baby was ok and why she wasn’t crying, the nurses said she was tired from the long labor. They took her away (still wondering what they did to her ). Anyways, they brought her back and said she cried already. They laid my  baby beside me  and trust me for a moment I forgot the pain because I was staring at  the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen in my life❤️

They started with the stitches and cleaning up., I was smoring so loud I could hear myself lol.At that point I was not feeling anything Not even the pain from the stiched. All that was in my head was the fact that Deola is now the mother to a beautiful girl. And Guess what? I didn’t even know when the placenta came out. Lol.. I was too tired to notice anything else. The nurses did the final clean up that ended the whole process and that’s how my labor experience ended.

Trust me this doesn’t narrate the whole experience because the labor pain experienced by a woman is really indescribable. It’s a good thing that the birthing process are now being documented to celebrate the strength of a woman and the joy of motherhood!

Above it all, it’s a unique experience I feel every woman should have.


Baby shower pictures below ???

Remi Balogun




Anekeh Godqueen

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Omotoye Kareen


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