Hotelier Ehi Ogbebor Says Being Married To Ken Bramor Was A Curse As He Picks Another Wife And Tries To Kill Their Child

MARRIAGE OVER ”Ken was busy going around telling people that he and I were over and I was the last person to know that the Marriage was over…I did nothing to this man, God knows I did nothing…Ken has to recycle his women, it is something he has signed with his Occult people…..Does it even make sense that he is married…I am even still Married to him cos he has not returned my bride price.  we got engaged last year and married same time last year but now he is engaged to someone else.


The lady he is presently engaged to be named Shirley and, I heard he was dating her while he was dating me…He has a list like a queue, once one is out another one comes in..He is a madman.


I have moved on in peace am so so grateful to God for my new found peace of mind…Being married to Ken was a curse!!! Ken is an occult beast like I said before. He knows I know him so well that’s why he is running. He will never find peace till he confesses.

He just engaged one Shirley girl. This is less than a year we got married. So u can see the whole marriage was a cheating spree.

I honestly feel pity for her cause ken is a destiny killer and destroyer. He has done what he did to me 2 more than 5 women. But I guess God will use me to expose the evil in him. I have a lot to say and trust me am not bitter. I was rescued by God. This man wanted to use my baby for rituals and soon I will tell the world what really transpired.

I laugh when they say I married him for money. What money. Ken doesn’t give his women money. Stella U are a blogger. Do your findings right. The other women can barely pay his kids school fees. His family and I mean same father same mum siblings still use Keke Marwa round Warri

he is a narcissist. A devilish one. Soon I would grant a press briefing n expose the scum of a man that ken Bramor truly is. But I know in God’s time I will be vindicated.

I never wanted to marry ken. He begged me. to marry him n I thought I had no choice cause I was pregnant. God is my witness.  

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