Fruit Juice Good for Digestive System, Says Expert

A dietry expert, Dr. Bisi Abiola has recommended 100% fruit juice for individual whose digestive systems are incapable of breaking down fiber and other hard substance, explaining that they would derive the same nutritional benefits whole fruitsgive.

Abiola gave the recommendation during the maiden edition of her wellness dialogue. The monthly programme is aimed at educating Nigerians on the benefits of consuming pure fruit juice.

According to Dr Abiola, 100% fruit juice is a better option for individuals whose digestive systems, as a result of illness,couldn’t cope with the pressure of breaking down solid foods and fiber.

In the series entittled Fruit Juice: Myths and Facts, Abiola said: “Drinking fruit juice is good for the individuals because thebody absorbs its nutrients very fast.

Also, fruit juice comes in handy if you are unable to keep solid food down or recovering from illness. On the fun side, juicing is a delightful way to relax and enjoy with your friends. And we really have rich varieties to choose from. Chivita brands have become part of our lives; that shows how much we have evolved.”

Abiola, who is also the Managing Director of Indulge Nigeria Limied, advised that 100% fruit juice should be regularly consumed by individuals that desire to lose weight. She arguedthat fuits juice prepared without addictives or added-sugar cleanses the system and aids weight loss.

She advocated occasional juice-cleanse but warned that the exercise is a crash diet and that its impact could only be sustained if the individual involved does not return to his or her previous lifestyle.

She further said: “One of the myths is that fruit juice cleanse can help detox your body. While there is no scientific evidence to support this claim, proponents of fruit juice cleanse say it is suitable if you are fasting and prefer breaking the fast with refreshing drinks rather than solid food. Cleansing, however, should not be more than three days.

“The notion of juice cleanse detox is based on the vitamins and small quantity of B group vitamins and some trace of minerals present in 100% fruit juices. This makes fruit juice a sensible choice especially when the body needs detoxification.”

According to the nutritionist, 100% fruit juice contains essential minerals needed by the human system to remain healthy.Fortunately, she said, individuals could pick from numerous variants in the market based on their nutritional needs.

“A glass of grape juice of quality has been said to be a great choice for managing weight and checkmating blood sugar,” she says, encouraging individuals to develop a healthy culture towards the product.

“Orange juice, for instance, is chockfull of calcium and a healthful dose of Vitamin C. Fruit juice consumption helps you to get closer to your daily recommended fruit. And fruit juice has no scientific link with obesity.

It is advisable to have a glass of fruit juice instead of sweetened soda, which often contains high fructose syrup difficult for yourbody to process,” she explains.

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