( Graphic Photos)! Birth control complications causes lady to lose her uterus and leaves her with decayed hand and feet

Birth control complications causes lady to lose her uterus and leaves her with decayed hand and feet


“Sometimes things happens in your life and you dont know why. You question yourself why me or what did i do to deserve this? But what you should be asking is what can i learn from it. Im finally coming out to tell my story because i feel like i can help someone. Im not here for people opinions but to simply tell my story. Six weeks after i had my daughter i was offered by the doctors a form of birth control called the IUD. I accepted because i was told that it was safe and it was he best type. It had never gave me any problems up until November of 2017.


I had it for 3 years so far. I was told that it is good for 5 years. I went to my yearly check up in October and i was asked about birth control and i told that i had an IUD. They checked and told me that they couldnt find an IUD and that it may have fell out but i knew for a fact that wasnt the case. They sent me to get two types of ultrasounds the same day and i was told once again that they didnt see an IUD. One day jn the beginning of November i was at work i had a sharp pain and the bottom right of my stomach and the first thing that popped in my head was is this that IUD?


But i tried to brush it off but the pain was getting worse. I left work 3 hours early to go to the hospital. I went to the hospital and i told them what was going on and what the doctors was telling me so they immediately sent me to get an Xray done. The doctor came in the with a weird look on her face and said the IUD is definitely in there but its pushed up in your stomach so you will have to get surgery. She told me to call my OBGYN to schedule a date. I went and talked to my OBGYN, told him everything that was going on and even showed him the Xray picture that they allowed me to take. So he also said i have to get surgery. So i asked him how would they have to get it out and he told me they would cut me right under my belly button and use a scope. On December 13th i went in to get the procedure done. Instead of 1 , i was cut 3 times.

One under my belly button and one on each of my side. They was able to get it out but it was broken into pieces. I was told that it had moved up to my liver. When i left the hospital i was bleeding but my mom was told that it was normal. Over night i begin to bleed heavier and the pain got worse.


I was rushed to the hospital by ambulance and once i got to the hospital my mom told the doctors everything that was going on. They rushed me to xrays done and then rushed me to surgery. I was bleeding internally. After the surgery my mom was told that when they open me up, my ovaries was black and that they had to give me a hysterectomy. After the surgery i went into septic shock causing me to be in ICU for a few weeks. I died on that surgery table. While in ICU my organ began to fail. I was on a breathing machine, i was on dialysis cause my kidneys wasnt working right. Everythint that could possibly go wrong went wrong. My parents was told that i was the worst patient on the floor and that they didnt think i was going to make it. But with faith and God the prayers that everyone sent out, i am here today. Next week i have to get myself prepare again for a second surgery to get my toes amputated by i swear i came so far and im not letting anything stop me.

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