#NWD International Women’s Day 2018

March 8th is the International Day of the woman. It recognizes the woman and her role in the human society. The International Women’s Day is not a quest for division, discord or competition between sexes. Neither is it an attempt to actualize the superiority of the female gender. It is rather a recognition of the woman and her role in the collective human struggle for progress in leadership, politics, economy, arts, technology and all human endeavours.

It is a reminder to not fall back to yesteryears -dark years- when she was boxed to exist without her realization of her worth or substance in important affairs in the society.


The momentum towards achieving the environment of our dreams is highest when all contributions, from all sectors and all people, are considered valid and important. IWD raises the awareness on the importance of individual contributions from all groups and assemblies in nation building. IWD is not just the day of the woman, it is day of all people, of all humanity.


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