Nollywood actress, Amanda Ebeye has turned what used to be side hustle to a big deal.
The actress used to sell hair from the boot of her car to make ends meet, even while she was still acting and modelling. After seven years, the side hustle has grown and now, the beautiful actress is a proud owner of a hair line brand,AMANDA HAIR™️

The actress revealed this in a statement released on several blogs yesterday.
The statement reads;
Nollywood actress, Amanda Ebeye is thrilled to present black Women with her own human luxury hair brand, retailing at affordable prices. The actress has a passion to see African women look beautiful without being ripped off; she believes African women deserve their money’s worth – to sell them the truth and not a lie – for this reason she’s launching her own luxury hair brand, AMANDA HAIR™️



AMANDA HAIR™️ was born out of the exploitation that African women face when purchasing human hair. The brand is a result of seven years of research. As an actress/model that has to look presentable on screen and at occasions, Amanda found the prices of some human hair ridiculously expensive. When she embarked on a series of researches on the sources of this human hair, she discovered that it can be more affordable than what it sold for in Africa.

The actress said that “The advantage that AMANDA HAIR™️ has over other hair brands is that it has the African Woman at heart. Human hair is indeed very expensive but AMANDA HAIR™️, wants to cater to all. I know how expensive people make or paint beauty to be, every woman deserves to look beautiful and when a beauty product is outrageously expensive, we try to travel anywhere it’s sourced from in other to bring down the prices for African women”.
The source of AMANDA HAIR™️ comes from Italy, Vietnam, Brazil and India. Amanda travelled herself to source for rich hair fibre, hence she boasts that her hair is of very high quality and they have no split ends.
In some months to come, AMANDA HAIR™️ will launch its synthetic hair brand as well as beauty care products. This is to ensure that every African woman has a sit at the beauty table with their hair on fleek.


“AMANDA HAIR™️ is not about human luxury brand alone, we have our synthetic hair brand coming soon, for people who can’t afford the luxury line. It has to take some time because I’m still sourcing for high quality synthetic hair that would last and look good” Amanda Ebeye said.
Amanda Hair has a 7 day return policy for unused hair, in the correct packaging that has not been used. For lace wigs, the lace must not be cut off. Hair must be in its original state, not bleached or dyed, not washed or conditioned.

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