New Post: 4 delicious Campari cocktails to look out for at the #DareToMix Festival – Invitation to edit

When it comes to making great cocktails, Campari undoubtedly takes the lead. The dark red bitter, fruity and herbal aperitif adds a bold flavour to whatever you mix it with, be it orange juice, beer, lemon juice, Chapman, you name it!

This weekend, Campari Nigeria’s annual cocktails and music celebration, the Dare to Mix Festival will be hitting the city of Port Harcourt in a very big way. Dare To Mix, a concept inspired by the bold, daring spirit of Campari fans and mixologists who love to create exotic cocktail mixes and delightful combinations, goes beyond drinking to also inspire blends of entertainment, art, food, style and culture.

The festival holding at the Port Harcourt Mall will feature good music from 2baba, Duncan Mighty, Harrysong, Kelly Hansome, DJ Jimmy Jatt, as well as comedy, prizes and an array of Campari cocktails.

Here are some special cocktails we’re especially looking forward to, and highly recommend for everyone to try out.


1. Campari Senator

This special mix of Campari and beer is every beer-lover’s favourite. The best part about this delightful cocktail is that it can be made with absolutely any beer brand, and the result? Exceptional!
2. Campari Orange
Like the name implies, this mouth-watering cocktail is gotten from the mix of Campari, orange juice and ice.
Do not leave the festival without tasting this.


3. Implication Shakerato

On his visit to the Campari House in Milan last year, Campari ambassador, 2baba learnt how to make some interesting Campari cocktails, so much so, he came up with one himself. He called it ‘Implication Shakerato’. The special mix of Campari, a little vodka, some lime and ice is the best thing you’ll taste tomorrow.

Thank us later.
4. Campari Chapman
We especially love the bitter-sweet flavour that comes with adding a few drops of Campari to chapman. You’ll love it too, trust us on this.
See you at the festival!

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