From Office To Club: Ozinna Anumudu Shares Tips on How To Transform From A Corporate Queen To A Night Diva on ‘Fashion Fix’ (Ep. 6)

Hanging out on Friday nights can be hectic for babes who don’t have the luxury of wearing casuals to work. To celebrate TGIF, the usual plan is get into something comfortable and let down your hair, leaving behind the workload, crazy emails and overbearing bosses. But wait. How can you accomplish this when home is too far away from the turn up zone?
On the sixth episode of Accelerate TV’s Fashion Fix, the host Mercy Ajisafe along with Stylist and Founder of The Style Concierge, Ozinna Anumudu lay out the simple ways to metamorphose from the corporate to hangout mode without carrying a box of clothes around.

Watch the full video below.

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