EXCESS LUGGAGE: IK Ogbonna, Nikky Ufundo’s new film wins outstanding comedic film AIFF, To Open in Cinemas nationwide October 20

When a movie starts by getting critical acclaim, and also bagging awards before its opening on the silver screen, then the viewers can be sure that such a movie will turn out a good run for their money and time.


‘Excess Luggage’, the new comedy movie produced by IK Ogbonna and Nikky Ufondu, has won big at the just concluded Abuja International Film Festival. The movie bagged a award in the Best Comedic Film of the year category.


The movie was directed by Damijo Efe-Young, and will be premiere Friday, October 20.


Excess Luggage is a comedic but compelling story of Douglas and Eyinnaya, two cousins separated by physical distance and financial status, but on a road trip from the village to the metropolitan city of Lagos, Eyinnaya and his archival wife Ugomma and son encounter a breakdown in their car and decided to stop over at Douglas’s estate for a one night visit, that turns
The movie is both entertaining and intriguing; it’s best experienced.

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