Let’s Talk: Should You Tell Your Family or Friends That Your Significant Other Cheated On You Even If You Are Going To Stay?

There’s no doubt that we love our family unconditionally, regardless of the unsolicited feedback or opinions on our personal lives. But, nine times out of 10, those opinions come from a genuine place. Although, we may not like what we hear, it’s important to remember that sometimes the truth hurts no matter who tells it.

No matter how bad you want to include your family in your personal life, there are certain situations that you should keep to yourself. For example, the details of your relationship. If you and your significant other are going through issues like infidelity, keep your family out of it, especially if you plan to forgive and forget. Although you may be very forgiving that doesn’t mean your family is going to be the same  way.

Your family has your best interest at heart and they are going to tell you how they really feel about the situation. Many of us go to our family to seek honesty or answers. At times, you are going to feel like their opinions are going in one ear and out the other, while other times, you may take in the advice but your heart won’t let you apply it. Either way, you are going to do what you want, so why add an unnecessary additional party to your confusion.

If your significant other cheats on you and you intend to stay, keep the situation to yourself. When it comes to your family and your relationship, you are stuck between a rock and hard place. You want to be able to bring your significant other around your family. But, who needs the side talks and eye rolling every time they come around. Once you tell your family about them hurting you in any kind of way, you can guarantee that they are not going to like them as much they did before.You have to constantly remember that your relationship is just that, “yours.” No one can give their opinion on what they don’t know. So if you intend to stay in your relationship no matter the circumstances, discuss it with your partner and only your partner.





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