Taymi B, Lola Adamson and Toolz Choose Between Great Sex and Money on Episode 12 of ‘The Wrap Up’

Would You Rather Great Sex Or Plenty Money? Taymi B, Lola Adamson and Toolz Choose on Episode 12 of ‘The Wrap Up’

Yes, love is important but it’s not enough. Sex and money play crucial parts in the foundation of every great relationship and go a long way in determining loyalty and staying power, especially for women.

Some ladies claim that they won’t stay in relationships where the sex is below average but can unlook bedmatic shortcomings if pepper is resting, that is if the guy has enough money to compensate for his lack of sexual vigour. Other women can’t stand men with no money and no skills.

Let’s be honest here. Will you stay?
On episode 12 of Accelerate TV’s The Wrap Up, Host Toolz, On-Air Personality, Taymi B and General Manager of RocNation Africa, Lola Adamson debate on which is more important – sex or money.


Watch the full episode below.


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