I didn’t bleach my skin I lightened it- Khanyi Mbau

On changing her skin tone, the South African Celebrity said “There’s this thing where people believe that I bleach my skin. I don’t bleach my skin‚ I lighten it. There is a difference between lightening and bleaching‚ and people just don’t get it…Lightening is non-invasive‚ it also boosts your immune system and helps with anti-ageing…There is no side effect. All it does is make me lighter and it is like having loads of vitamin C‚ which means I don’t get the flu easily”
***I used to stress over people changing their skin tone but I’m also planning to get my boobs reduced someday. If I’m going to tell someone to accept their skin the way God made it, I should learn to accept my boobies the way God made them. So I can’t be pointing fingers. However I believe in owning up to whatever you do and not seeing the need to explain yourself to anyone or backing up your actions with science

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