‘I can’t allow my husband wash plates, it’s not African’ – Funmi Aragbaiye

In an interview with PUNCH, Veteran gospel artiste, Funmi and her husband, a journalist, Bola Aragbaiye, who have been married for 40 years shared their love story
When asked if she let her husband do chores in the early years of their marriage, she said: “No, he didn’t. I wouldn’t even have allowed him. I don’t like the idea of men doing house chores. That is a modern-day mentality. My husband doesn’t belong to that category. I celebrate my husband. He is a big personality, a top journalist in this country. I can’t do that to him. I believe such a thing is dirty. Why would I allow him wash plates and do other house chores? My upbringing wouldn’t allow him do such (house chores). I believe it is ‘unafrican’ for men to do house chores. As a mother, you need to put your house in the right order.”
On what has been the secret, Funmi said; “I would say the grace of God. We got married in 1977. If God is the foundation of one’s marriage, that marriage is bound to succeed. Then one’s upbringing also matters. If one grew up with disciplinarians, that character would reflect in one’s marriage. One would be disciplined in one’s marriage. My mother is a disciplinarian. She doesn’t appreciate quarrels.
Whenever I have disagreements with my husband, my mother is always on my husband’s side. She does that even up till today. And when I question her decision about supporting my husband during our disagreements, she says that is the way in-laws should be treated.”

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