Girl!!!! What kind Of Friend Are You?

Friends are very hard to come by but when you do find those special friends, hold onto them. Growing up, many of us were told that the friends we started out with in the early stages of our lives will not always be around. In some ways, I find that to be very truthful.


In your teens, you go through obstacles that mold you into the adult that will become in the future. But, everyone you went in with won’t always make it out in the end. People come into our lives for many reasons whether it is good or bad. Now, when you do find your clique, cherish them and live it up like no other.


There are different types of friends that women have within their circle to balance everyone out. Do you honestly believe that all of your friends have to be alike? Girl Please! We all have friends that makes our circle complete.


So lets check out the different types of friends that could be in your circle:


1. The Business Minded Friend


The “Business Minded Friend” ensures that everyone is on their ‘A’ game. This friend wants you to stay focused and not let anything get in the way of success. This friend may not have kids or a man because she is so focused on her career. When it comes to success, she will not let anything or anyone get in the way until she is ready. Sometimes this friend may be too busy to have a few drinks after work or a little weekend getaway, but she is very loyal and will be there for you know no matter the circumstances. Just shoot her a quick text between client calls!


2. The Party Friend


The “Party Friend” loves to have a good time no matter the occasion. You will never have a dull moment with this friend. The party does not start until she walks in the room. If you are a having a tough week at work or your man is being irritating, call her asap! She will ensure that you will party those problems away.


3. The Family Friend


The “Family Friend” seems like she has it all together because she has the house, kids, pets, and man. Although she has what so many feel they are lacking, she is still missing out on a few things to make herself complete. The family friend tries to juggle it all and never seems to have time for herself. She wants to have a few cocktails after work, use the bathroom in peace, or just relax without being asked to do a million and one things. This friend will always be there whether she is helping the kids with homework or cooking dinner. She will always make time for a quick conversation and she gives the best relationship advice.


4. The P-E-T-T-Y Friend


The “Petty Friend” is the friend that every girl needs in her life. Your side will always hurt when she is around because everything she does deserves a laugh. When you guys are hanging out and someone looks at you sideways, the petty friend will ensure to handle the situation. “Do you have an eye problem?” “Can we help you?” “Do we know you because you are staring kind of hard boo?” This friend will also be the friend that will encourage you to slash his tires for being a cheating jerk or call the side chick and tell her how you truly feel. You want to keep this friend because she does everything that you are thinking but don’t have the courage to do. Sometimes you will have to tell her to chill out but trust and believe she has your back like no other.


At the end of the day, these friends are family. Regardless of what is going on in their lives, they try to make time for one another whether it is via text, email, or a phone call. These ladies will have your back to the end, so don’t come for them or the P-E-T-T-Y friend will let her opinions be known.


What type of friend are you?



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