8 year old girl dies after she was dared by family members to drink hot water through straw

Wow this is such a tragic ending to this horrible accident for a family in #PalmBeach Apparently this 8yr old girl has died months after drinking boiling water from a straw because her cousin dared her to do it… She used a straw to swallow the boiling water & damaged her throat so severely that the girl had to received a tracheotomy (an incision in the windpipe)
The procedure left her deaf, and with chronic respiratory problems. The incident happened back in March, and as of Aug the young girl has passed away from her injuries.,.Of course they are both children, so there’s no bad intentions, just horseplay gone too far…. imagine all the things we did as children that could’ve cost us an eye, a limb, and even our lives… Just pray for the family and the cousin that’s involved in this accident..

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