Man shares lovely pics of his kids after doctor told him his wife would’nt be able to Conceive

He captioned the photo

God granted the two petitions I made in March 2008 but the second one came first “give me even a child”. In January 2009 our first child, Angel oluebubechukwu (Miracle work of God) was conceived and was successfully carried to term and delivered September 2009. About the time of her delivery God was already in motion to grant the first “takeaway all my wealth” as the stock market crashed with all I had worked for. At this point I was a Deputy General Manager in a top bank. .

One year after different circumstance had led me to leave my job. Well I got another the next month at the same level in another top bank. Four months after God decided it will not only be a child but children so my wife conceived again, this time twins, CHIMZARAMEKPERE (My God has answered my prayer) and CHIMDERA (Once my God has written or ordained) carried to term and delivered November 2011. Two months before their delivery God completely answered the first prayer as in a circumstance beyond my control but by mutual consent I left my top banking job.

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