Nigeria’s Finest Scent and Fragrance Franchise- Oud Majestic

Ever entered a space with a serene welcoming feeling merged with alluring scents, that is the experience gotten by all who visit the Oud Majestic office situated in 27 Emma Abimbola lekki phase 1 Lagos.

Oud majestic is an Arabian perfume store owned by Chika Acholonu who hold s a master’s in public health form the United States and was equally a research associate in Virginia before deciding to set up a fragrance bar that boosted all sorts of Arabian perfumes.


An interview with the CEO who is also the founder of Ruby and Pink a boutique subsidiary at the same location, revealed that she was obsessedwith Arabian perfumes, hence she the necessity to start her very own store in Lagos Nigeria. She informed that the brand ‘Oud Majestic’ which is a renowned brand to have around, is known to be oil based and not only is the focus on the Arabian company, it is also stronger and exotic new fragrances are produced seasonally and this prompted to the opening of a flagship shop in Lekki axis of Lagos and another at the Radisson Blu hotel.

Not only are perfumes sold at Oud Majestic, but also space scenting machines. The space scenting concept which is new has a platform for signature scents, known as ‘brand scenting’. This concept is a powerful as
it’s been proven to create a connection between clients and business owners, as people tend to remember scents. People also are able to relax more in scented spaces as five hours could be thought to be two hours. Shoppers spend more money in malls as they linger for scents while car showrooms are advised to have scents as it propels car purchase as a less stressful affair.

Essential oils which is a basic active for the production of these scents
are therapeutic, help relieve stress can also make one elated and prevent
depression hence the importance of space scenting cannot be overemphasized.

Oud Majestic recognizes the Beauty industry as billion dollars industry
and is proud to be a part of it not only by selling perfumes and space scenting machines but also being a distributor for several other Beauty companies.
More growth and bigger business opportunities to Oud majestic our luxury
line of Arabian perfumers and scenting experts.

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