Meet Rukkie Folashade, the 25 year old CEO of Rukkie Global Company

Rukkie Folashade Ambali fondly called Rukkie is the 25 year old CEO of Rukkie Global Company. She started her company whilst an undergraduate in the university.

She is a young leading designer and retailer of designer women’s clothing in Nigeria. Rukkie global company is the story of a woman entrepreneur with a passion for fashion, beauty, and style combined with the entrepreneurial drive to start a business providing women clothing plus a movement to educate and inform women on how to look beautiful on their everyday appearance. What attracts you to Rukkie apart from her beauty is her creativity , consistency, integrity and excellence.

Rukkie’s drive, motivation and success so far has been established on a secret. The Nigeria women diary reveals to us what this secret is in an interview with the young CEO.


Meet Rukkie Folashade, the 25 year old CEO of Rukkie Global Company

NWD: Hii, can we meet you ?
Rukkie: My name is Rukkie Folasade Ambali..CEO Rukkie Global Company. I’m a 25 years old graduate of the department of Biochemistry, LAUTECH..Hail from Ibadan, Oyo state

NWD: Why fashion ?

Rukkie: Fashion has always been my passion. Fashion is very important. It is life enhancing and like everything that gives pleasure, it is worth doing well.


NWD: What inspired your transition into that line ?
Rukkie: It has always been a dream of mine to be able to start my own business and Company..I’ve always loved making people look good from head to toe.


NWD: Can you tell us about rukkie clothings and is it a different brand from indulgence by rukkie.
Rukkie: Both Rukkie clothings and Indulgence by rukkie are under the same brand name Rukkie Global Company.

NWD: Did you encounter any challenge starting your brand ?. If yes ! What are the challenges and how did you overcome them.

Rukkie: I started my business while I was in the university.It wasn’t easy running both together, But I learnt that everyday is a hustle.Do I get tired? Yes..Do I give up? Absolutely not.


NWD: What do you major on in rukkie clothings ?
Rukkie: Rukkie Clothings major on women/kiddies wears as well as shoes,bags etc. We do strictly women wears.

NWD: What do you do when you are not working , better said what do you do for fun.

Rukkie: I love being indoors, reading and spending time with friends and family.

NWD: Where do you see yourself / brand in the next five years ?

Rukkie: In five years, I see my brand expanding all over Nigeria.I have put my heart and soul into it and I can’t wait to announce everything we have coming..


NWD: As a beautiful lady that you are , how do you cope with distractions.

Rukkie: Lots of distractions but I find strength from within in order to accomplish everything I want.It is so important to surround yourself with positive, like -minded people that support and encourage you.

NWD: Which top Business magnate / brand, would you like to do business with or rather partner with.

Rukkie: April by Kunbi


NWD: Do you think you might indulge in having a runway show for your brand.

Rukkie : I look forward to that.

NWD: Who are your mentors / role model in the fashion industry.

Rukkie: There are so many successful business women who inspire me. A Ton!! However, my family ( parents and husband), they drive me the most.As well as my addiction to create and inspire others.

NWD: On a friendly note, which Nigeria celebrity would you like to have a dinner date with ?

Rukkie : Mo’Cheddah

NWD: Wedge or Stiletto ?

Rukkie : Stiletto


NWD: If you had the opportunity to ask one thing from Lanre Da Silva , what would that be?

Rukkie: what keeps her going ?


NWD: Greatest phobia of all times ?

Rukkie: It’s the fear to see time fly by and yet to have achieved clear success.


NWD: What designer would you rock anytime anyday?
Rukkie : Chanel


NWD: Favourite Fashion accessory ?

Rukkie: My jewellery particularly my neckpiece because without statement accessories my clothes and shoes would be boring.


NWD: What advice would you give to young entrepreneurs like you out there hoping to start up something.

Rukkie: My advice to them is to stay grounded.As they say “You’re the only thing standing in your way”.You have to believe in yourself.Never give up.

NWD: Apart from being the CEO of Rukkie clothings, what other things are you into ?

Rukkie: I deal in luxury bridal needs.Everything for the stylish bride-to-be.



NWD: If you have the opportunity to change something in Nigeria , what would that be ?
Rukkie: There are a lot of things that needs changing in Nigeria.So help us God, we are getting there. Thank you so much for having me. I’m excited and honoured.

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