Meet 24 Year Old EKi Odianosen, Graduate Of Microbiology Turned Fashion Designer

ODIANOSEN EKI RUTH is a 24 year old fashion designer. An highly industrious and creative entrepreneur. She is the Creative Director of the storming and exquisite E22 brand. Her love for fashion designing and the thought of creating a style and bringing it to life motivated her to start up her own fashion brand. From all sort of women wears for both young and old , to dinner gowns , wedding dress, to asoebi designs, her designs fuse traditional African and western culture to create unique and luxurious wears for the African Woman.

Meet 24 Year Old EKi Odianosen, Graduate Of Microbiology Turned Fashion Designer

Today , she is one of the young female Nigerians that can be counted on in the area of fashion designing. The Nigerian women diary opens our eyes into the arts, life & style of this impeccable young beauty.

NWD: Hi, can we meet you ?

My name is Odianosen Eki Ruth,a 24 years old graduate of microbiology who is now the creative director of E22.

NWD:What sparked your interest in fashion ?

I love fashion designing, just the thought of creating a style and bringing it to life is fulfilling to me, because, no one can relate what i have in mind exactly the way I want it to be better than i can. The ability to bring these designs to life is what led me to learning the skills of cutting and putting pieces together to create a fabulous outfit.

NWD: What made you take fashion more seriously and make a career out of it ?

Eki Ruth: Fashion became my passion and the only thing I could do with so much ease. It became a part of me and I couldn’t stay away from sewing for too long. My interest in fashion designing grew stronger when I left school. I didn’t bother searching for a white collar job because I know there are no good paying jobs out there that would give me the satisfaction like doing what i love, so I decided to take my passion seriously, make a living out of it and create a name for myself that would stand the test of time.


NWD: Are you self taught or did you learn fashion design ?

Eki Ruth: Most of the things I know, I learnt them myself although I went to a fashion school for about a month. That’s the only form of external learning I got.


NWD: Can you tell us about E22 and how did you come across that name ?

Eki Ruth: E22 is a women’s fashion brand that is soon to be a household name by the grace of God as that’s one of our vision. At 22,I was certain that fashion designing was the path I wanted to take and build my walls around it and I wanted a very simple name so I prayed to God about it and I asked him for a special gift which was the name of my brand because I was confused as different names were popping up in my head until E22 came about with confirmations so I held unto the name because God gave it to me and it has being evident in my business.


NWD: How has worked evolved since you started your own label ?

Eki Ruth: Wow…’s been an awesome experience so far I must say. I come across different people, opinions, contributions, and not forgetting the criticisms also which I take so much corrections from and do better because I am the only competition I have. I strive daily to do better than I did the previous day. It’s not easy starting up a brand,growing and sustaining it also is a big challenge but I see challenges as pillars that would help me build that empire I’ve always envisioned in the long run,so giving up is not an option for me and my brand till we get to the very top where people see having a product by E22 as a necessity. It’s been a beautiful journey that only gets better daily.


NWD: Did you encounter any challenge starting your brand ?. If yes ! What are the challenges and how did you overcome them.

Eki Ruth: Challenges are inevitable. Starting a fashion brand is not an easy task in this society where most people already have a fashion designer to themselves. Truing to convince them to patronize and try your brand’s efficiency is not easy but one thing is sure, your work will always speak for you, so I do my best to satisfy a customer because customer’s satisfaction is very key as referrals is one of the major form of publicity.


NWD: Have your pieces become more appealing to people as a result ?

Eki Ruth: Yes it has


NWD: What do you major on in E22?

Eki Ruth: E22 majors in women’s wear both big and small, old and young. We carter for the asoebi mamas,the sly queens, the bride that wants to wow her husband with her appearance on their special day, the bridal train that want to steal the show, the young mother that always want to twin with her baby girl and so much more….


NWD:.Are there any kind of clothing you avoid wearing ?

Eki Ruth: Personally I like being very confident and comfortable in whatever I wear. I can wear any outfit that looks good and I feel comfortable in.


NWD: How is your work received nationally ?

Eki Ruth: The reception has been overwhelming I must say. I get calls and messages from people I never thought I could reach from different states in Nigeria.
NWD: What are you fascinated by at the moment and how does it feed into your work ?

Eki Ruth: Tassels and pearls. It gives the outfit a whole different distinct look.
NWD: What is the biggest lesson you have learned since you started your own company ?

Eki Ruth: Always leave your client satisfied no matter how inconvenient it might be for your at the point, choose your client’s satisfaction over your comfort because without them your business would not grow.


NWD: What would you like to achieve before the end of the year.

Eki Ruth: I would love to show case In a fashion show.


NWD: Are you superstitious or do you have any rules you live by ?

Eki Ruth: I live by God’s rules. My bible is the only guideline I follow In living my life.
NWD: What do you do when you are not working , better said what do you do for fun.
Eki Ruth: Hang out with friends, see movies, read books.
NWD: Which top Business magnate / brand, would you like to do business with or rather partner with

Eki Ruth: Deola sagoe, Mai Atafo, Yemi kosiba, coco channel, Alexander McQueen.
NWD: Which fashion designer would you choose as a mentor?
Eki Ruth: Yemi Kosiba


NWD: What is that one thing you would do over and over again without getting tired of it ?

Eki Ruth: I would sew all day long without getting tired


NWD: What designer would you rock anytime anyday?

Eki Ruth: I would rock a piece from Alexander McQueen anytime.


NWD: What advice would you give to young designers like you ?

Eki Ruth: Never give up!!!!!. Never see yourself as inferior and never see anybody as a competitor. You are the only competition your have, strive to be better everyday, let your yesterday be in a competition with your today and make sure your today always beats your previous work. Don’t stop learning. Be consistent, patient and always strive to remain relevant. Giving up shouldn’t be an option.
NWD: Apart from being the CEO of E22, what other things are you into ?
Eki Ruth: I’m into real estate.


NWD: If you have the opportunity to change something in Nigeria , what would that be ?

Eki Ruth: I would give more financial power to the youths to explore their talents thereby creating more employment opportunities which would in turn reduce the rate of criminal activities.

Check out some of her pieces below;


Work style by Eki


Bridal by Eki

Runway fashion at Lamode Green October Event
Asoebi style by Eki

You can keep up with her on Instagram : @eki_e22

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