I’m Amazed When Young Women Hurriedly Say Yes to Proposals – Jumoke Adenowo Expresses Her Marriage Views on ‘King Women’

The guest of the King Women’s eleventh episode is award-winning architect, public speaker, radio host and author, Olajumoke Adenowo and she not only tells us about her background but also explains interesting principles behind how she lives her life.

48-year-old Olajumoke, who has been described as the face of Architecture in Nigeria, is a very unique woman who has achieved a lot for herself within and outside the borders of her profession. Having gotten admission into the university at the age of 14, graduated by 19, founded her own architecture and interior design firm by the age of 26, carried out construction projects for the Nigerian government and world brands such as Coca Cola and L’Oreal, Olajumoke Adenowo dishes out wisdom tit-bits that have shaped her thinking, carriage and emotional life.

From the beginning of her King Women interview, Olajumoke exudes so much confidence, with an enviable aura. Her intelligence on many matters shows as she discusses submission in marriage, the state of architecture in Nigeria, her opinion on marriage amongst other things.

Speaking on getting married, she explained how she couldn’t comprehend why young women are always in a hurry to say yes without letting men feel some pressure.

Watch the full interview on Accelerate TV.

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