Daniel Lloyd Experiences Domestic Violence

Recently, we have had more victims of Domestic Violence coming out to share their stories; their pains and how they have decided to leave such abusive relationships.
It’s a bane in our society and under no circumstance is it acceptable on either gender. The most populous cases being domestic violence on women and children however men are also victims of this horrible psychologically
impairing acts.

Daniel Lloyd Experiences Domestic Violence

Cases of domestic violence on men are mostly experienced in intimate relationships or marriages. We rarely hear the cases of domestic violence on men primarily because these victims do not want to be publicly
ridiculed or viciously torn apart by the comments of those who hear their stories,they also do not want to be socially stigmatised as not being ‘masculine’ because they let a woman violate them. It’s an equally humiliating experience for these men as well as women or children.
Daniel Lloyd experiences this heinous act in a movie he is currently shooting. He intends to further raise awareness on this hideous activities as well as encourage victims to speak up and find their way out of such relationships.

The general public should look out for the message contained in this movie and help spread the word that Domestic Violence should and must be shunned.

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