“1in3 Africa” – A poem to support campaign against domestic violence – Obarorakpor Becky

Here lies the truth,
One in three is a world.
She is a rainbow
But appears to the world as a window.
That’s how she’s seen
An object!

The battering weighs our soul.
The battering disfigures our figure.
The utterances arrest our souls.
Our lips and moves are our only weapon to fight this.
Will just screams and scars vindicate us?

We hide our pain and sobs in graceful embodiments,
Yet those who do not understand
Keep chanting ‘endurance’ and ‘change’
While our ribs keep screaming our names.
People who know nothing,say
‘Till death do you part’.
Until she eventually parts
After several pants
In-between the battering.

The irony:
He mourns you for some days,
Renovates his lies to the world
And lives on.
Without ​​​you.

One in three
May find you lucky
but not your daughter.

One in three
May shy from you
But not your sister.

One in three
Means we all must fight.
We are their wives and not daughters!
Lovers and not slaves!
Women and not objects!

Men don’t own us
We refuse to remain emotionally blackmailed.
We are called ‘ Abra’-Mothers of mighty nations
And builders of truth.

Today we join hands to speak for truth.
To deconstruct and walk away.
It’s simple,
We either walk away with our crowns.
Or be walked away in the casket.
​​​​​Obarorakpor, Becky

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