Sad! Actress Mercy Aigbe gets court restraining orders against husband Lanre Gentry

The whole of social media, blogs, newspaper and every news worthy medium is currently buzzing with the news of Mercy Aigbe’s domestic violence.

On Friday, pictures of Mercy Aigbe with a battered face after she was beaten silly by her husband, Lanre Gentry, made rounds all over social media. Soon the drama moved quickly from zero to a hundred as news upon news started pouring in with pictures of Mercy going through a head CT scan surfaced.

Mercy also went ahead to post a picture of Domestic violence on her Instagram page with a caption that reads; “Real men don’t beat women” in response, her husband also posted and deleted a photo with a caption about how women should not be promiscuous. Shortly after that, he went ahead to post a photo of himself and Mercy and captioned it “I love my wife so much”.



While Mercy hasn’t come out to say anything directly or officially, Lanre has been granting interviews with reckless abandon saying how he has never beaten her before, how the pictures were from a movie scene and lot more.

However in the latest development, Mercy Aigbe has been granted a restraining order against her husband Lanre by the court of law
The pictures of the restraining order as seen above proves truly Lanre Gentry had assaulted the Nollywood actress. The order was issued on the grounds of the application issued by Lagos State Domestic And Sexual Violence Response Team, the affidavit of the applicant and photos that proves that indeed Lanre Gentry laid his hands on Mercy in a cruel way hence he is not to go within a one mile radius of the actress and her two children.

Domestic Violence has been a rampant case in Nigeria lately but who would have thought things would ever pan out this way? We will be reporting as more news unfold on this issue.

– Credit Broadway Africa

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