FIDA swings into action regarding viral video of naked young lady


This is to inform the general public, women, sister women Organizations within and outside Ondo State that on the 12th of May, 2017, the news making the rounds was that there was a video of someone interviewing a naked young lady and that the video had gone viral on the social media. FIDA of Ondo State chapter has received the said video and its appalling. It is inhuman, degrading and unacceptable.

We condemn the persons who made and posted such a video on the social media. However, if that video had not been posted we wouldn’t have been here today.

FIDA Ondo assures the good people of Ondo State, Nigeria and the whole world that we are on top of the situation. We would not leave any stone unturned.

We have met the key players and we have written to the appropriate authorities to take the necessary actions.

We want to use this medium to appeal to the good people of Ondo State to desist from the act of self-help and jingle justice.

The police are there to arrest or investigate perpetrators of any crime. We all have a social responsibility to report an offence to the Police.

Again, it is a pity that we women are our worst enemies. We must be our sisters keepers, offer some help to fellow women.

The man who interviewed the lady while she was naked is no stranger to FIDA Ondo. We are highly disappointed by his action. We would have expected more professionalism on his part. His actions can only lead to the conclusion that he was fishing for cheap popularity and sensational journalism. This is at the detriment of a young lady who is innocent until proved guilty in Court of Law.

FIDA is using this medium to restate with very loud voice that self-help is barbaric and jungle justice is anti-social especially against women and children. Injustice to one is injustice to all.

We also call on all and sundry to maintain peace at this time, stop the sharing of the said video footage.

FIDA is addressing this issue and we assure you that we shall see it to a logical conclusion and see that justice is done.

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