Anti – Slip Company Set to Commence Operation in Nigeria

All is now set for No-Slips Limited to make available in Nigeria, Suresteps anti-slip products and services.


This was made known by the Executive Chairman of No-Slips Limited, Mr. Charles Igbinidu at a press briefing on Friday 26th May, 2017.


Mr. Igbinidu while addressing journalists said, No-Slips have been given the sole right to carry out Surestep’s services in the country while adding that, the company is an authorized and licensed national distributor and partner of Suresteps USA, LLC and Interlake Chemicals International.


He explained that, No-Slips has been set-up to carry out the business of marketing and application of Surestep’s products as a service to residential and industrial clients in its assigned territory of Nigeria.


Mr. Igbinidu said, with the advent of Suresteps in the country, domestic and industrial accidents resulting from slip and fall will be reduced drastically.


He pointed out that, there are daily reports of people who lost their lives as a result of slip and fall accidents, while there are also reports of those who have sustained life threatening injuries or permanent disability at their places of work as a result of wet and slippery floors.


“Increasingly, many Nigerians are slipping and falling at homes and their places of work resulting in severe injuries and even deaths. Information available indicate that Slip& Falls are currently among the major causes of accidents in private and public places in Nigeria and globally.


“Unlike in the western world where there are close to accurate information, there is a dearth of precise data on slip& falls in Nigeria. However, accessible figures show that fatalities from slip and falls in Nigeria is one of the highest in the world.” He said.


He added that, accidents can happen in “the blink of an eye”.


“On a rainy day, the entryway of every store and office building becomes a danger zone to customers and staff. Every marble floor that has just been mopped, every kitchen in every restaurant or school cafeteria; every bathtub in every hotel and home, every washroom floor with a few drops of water, high-traffic areas where spills, drops and pools can occur are especially at risk i.e. homes (bathrooms, tubs, kitchens, stairs, seating rooms) and businesses/commercial places (Malls, hotels, restaurants, banking halls, offices, factories, swimming pools etc.) Having a secure floor to walk on gives peace of mind and confidence both at home and offices.


“No-Slips Limited is therefore into the business of giving that peace of mind while pointing out that we can never seem to be too careful as slip and fall accidents happen unexpectedly. The consequences sometimes, unpleasant.” He said.


Igbinidu added that, though some Nigerians are aware of slip and fall accidents, many are yet to come to the true reality of its dangers and how to prevent it.


According to him, “empirical research and experience have shown that accident don’t just happen, they are caused and almost all dangers to which we are exposed at home are often due to our negligence or making.


“Sometimes, parents may forget to mop wet floors or wipe greasy substances that has spilled on the floor causing slip and fall accidents in the home and resulting to injuries. The most affected are children.


“However, this risk can be reduced through effective floor and bathtub treatment and other precautionary measures making floors safer and healthier.


“Corporate organizations can now also reduce the risk of industrial accidents caused as a result of slippery floors when they apply Sure-step non-slip treatment. The good thing about this product is that it can be used to treat all kinds of floors; wooden, tiles, ceramic etc”


“The cost of sure step is pennies when compared to the cost of medical expense, lost time and the suffering resulting from a slip/fall injury.” He said.


He advised corporate organizations to not allow their profit slip away as a result of expensive lawsuit, employee down time or increased insurance costs resulting from a slip and fall injury in their offices or factory.


According to him “prevention is cheaper that cure”.


No-Slips Limited, an authorised national distributor of Sure-Steps anti-slip products in Nigeria on Friday unveiled its non-slip services to the Media. Photo shows L-R Victor Kalu, Business Development Manager, Henry Agbebire, Director, Charles Igbinidu Executive Chairman, all of No-Slips Limited and Chris Oloko, Authorised Service Partner.

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