3 Crucial Reasons Why You Are Still Single To Stupo

Do you ever wonder why you are still single even when so many people are getting married, engaged or finding a new lover? well the reasons are not far fetched. Instead of worrying your head over why you are still single, just think of any of these you have not gotten right. .



1.Your attitude : So many ladies, guys, are still single simply because they have refused to act right. Wrong attitudes towards people around them. You can’t go far with a wrong attitude. The way you talk to people or treat people goes a long way to tell who you are and how you attract people towards you. It could be laziness, pride and so on. .



2.Attachment to past: So many people have gotten so comfortable with singleness. Sometimes, people prefer to stay single when they remember that one person did them wrong or the relationship that left them unstable. Some people still carry past hurts, confusions around that it becomes uncomfortable moving on. You are still attached to your ex and it seems impossible going for someone else. .



3. You love being single: Most times, people are so comfortable with being single. they love the freedom that comes with it. There is no validation from anyone, everything just feels perfect. There is no worry about who is cheating on who. It just feels perfect.

Include your own reason why you love ? .

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