The Skin is a very important as it is plays a key role in our body
function, from indicating heightened temperature, sense of touch, protects
us from harsh sun rays, etc. the function of the skin is endless, this is
why we have themed our sixth Luxury Beauty Brunch “Knowing your SkinType”.

Our experts will talk about how to prevent aging especially in our harsh
climate and the products which will aid in keeping our skin looking
ageless and flawless. We must ensure that we keep our skin healthy and
know the right products which are not harmful to the skin. Information on
dangerous skin cosmetics that are harmful and cancerous will be discussed
as well as how to determine our skin type, how to enhance it and keep it
glowing. All these will be addressed by seasoned professionals and
dermatologists in an enjoyable and tranquil environment on Saturday.

The sixth edition of the brunch which is slated to hold on April 8th, 2017
will be hosted by Oud Majestic and sponsored by Lotus at Pattaya,
Gemology, Bread and Baskets and My Makeup Ng.


We look forward to an amazing time with our team of experts and we urge
all selected guests to come prepared to learn, enjoy and network.

Sequel to the above release, also find attached document for our Luxury
Beauty Brunch VI.

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