Woman Sentenced To 10 Years For Administering Butt Injections That Led To Woman’s Death

This is that fake doctor who was injecting women with “fake silicone”, causing one of her patients to die ? Well, apparently she performed the same injections on herself, and now her butt now looks like THIS ? She better pray she doesn’t experience the same complications with her own injections, because she’ll be in prison for the next 10yrs, and I doubt if they’ll send her to a plastic surgeon to have it removed, that an expensive procedure ?Smh….?
Morris was charged with manslaughter and practicing medicine without a license in the summer of 2012, and last month pleaded no contest to both, reported the Sun Sentinel.

On Monday, a judge sentenced Morris to 10 years in prison and five years probation for her crimes. “My daughter died the most inhuman death,” Nuby’s mother, Sherri Pitts, said at the hearing. “Eighteen months she suffered not knowing the full of what put in her body.” ™

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