May 16th-19th of the year 2017, is predicted to be a memorable week in the

history of the Beauty industry as ‘The World Pr Media Beauty Division’ would be hosting a Business forum with the aim of showcasing the Trends and Stakeholders in the beauty industry. The event which is set to encompass End-users, Exhibitionists, Stockists, Distributors, Experts and Beauty enthusiasts among others is guaranteed to attract both local and international press and stakeholders.


Registration has commenced in its full gear as we are set to host the best of what Nigeria has to offer in the market as well as special features from international brands wishing to participate to show innovative science and technology to our special attendees…Says Tayo Afolabi, the Chief Executive Officer of World PR Media and Founder of The Beauty Business Week. Furthermore, the entire exercise is free to attend so as to make sure our guests get to experience services and shop to their heart’s content as well as forge alliances for brands in the market.


In addition to the experience and sales zones, there are also two very important Special Invitation Dinners that will recognize the efforts of individuals that have paved the way for the growth of the sector.


Interested individuals can send requests to [email protected] or contact 09069569566.



Sequel to the above release, also find attached picture from our May, 2017 calendar year.


Thank you.


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