International Women’s Day Speech By The First lady of Bauchi State, Mrs Hadiza M.A Abubakar

Celebrating Women Today

First lady of Bauchi State, Mrs Hadiza M.A Abubakar. For international womens day

Every woman should be proud, today and every day. We remain privileged to be guardians of life, as bestowed upon us by God. But beyond the celebrations, today is a critical day for women everywhere to reflect. We need to consciously start building the world we want for our children. This is a duty only we can do. We also need to prepare the young ones to step up and take on the challenges of this ever dynamic world.


As we celebrate women today, I call on our husbands, leaders and governments to continue to empower women. We must strive to eradicate poverty, and ensure our daughters can grow in a society devoid of violence. We must equip women to be economically engaged to support themselves and their families.


I salute women in the markets, streets, offices, schools and at home, who strive to achieve greatness. Who break negative stereotypes and are #BoldForChange. Women whose stories we may never hear but whose impact nonetheless have created positive change in their little corners of the world.


To women everywhere, today is your day. The world celebrates you.


Happy #InternationalWomensDay




Mrs. Hadiza M. A. Abubakar.


Wife of the Governor of


Bauchi State.



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