5 Myths You Should Stop Believing About Your vA

F5 myths you should stop believing about your vagina  

MARCH 1, 2017
There is lot of information out there about the vagina. So much is being said about it and while some of this information appears to be true, in reality, they are not. You most likely have heard a number of things about the vagina and believe them to be true. Here are some of the myths concerning the vagina, and if you happen to believe any of them, it’s time to let it go:
• The vagina can be too loose or too tight
In reality, the vagina is elastic and therefore can expand and contract. If it was not elastic, vaginal birth would practically be impossible; likewise penetrative sexual intercourse would be difficult and painful
•  Too much sex makes the vagina loose
When a woman becomes sexually aroused, her vagina expands so as to accommodate the penis. After sexual intercourse, the vagina contracts and returns to its normal state. Thus, the vagina does not get “looser” from sexual intercourse nor remain loose after sexual intercourse 
• The vagina is unclean and needs to be thoroughly washed daily
Contrary to popular opinion, the vagina is cleaner than it is thought to be. The vagina is acidic and has quite a number of bacteria that helps maintain a normal PH level and also keep infections away. The secretions from the vagina helps to keep it clean in the same way the saliva keeps the mouth clean. The vagina therefore keeps itself clean. Douching and the use of chemicals to cleanse the vagina actually make it prone to infections and unhealthy bacteria. What these substances do is to kill the healthy bacteria in the vagina, making it a safe place for unhealthy ones to thrive. On this note, applying deodorants, perfumes or perfumed deodorants on or inside your vagina can be dangerous
• Childbirth damages the elasticity of the vagina
During childbirth, the vagina expands to allow the passage of the baby. Contrary to popular notion, after childbirth, the vagina would return to its normal state. This may take a few months, but in most cases, it does, allowing the woman and her partner to enjoy sex as before. Most women find kegel exercises helpful via @official_arike

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