Thoughtful Things To Do For Bae This Valentine’s Day(American Honey)

Valentine’s Day is around the corner and most times, it’s not usually that easy deciding what to do for the love of your life, especially if you’re on a budget (because economy). Also, you’ll agree that getting the usual boxers, shirts, cakes and chocolate have become all too predictable.
We’ll advise that you spice things up this February 14 and do something a bit out-of-the-box. It’s not a surprise if (s)he can already tell what you’re going to give.

Because it’s the season of love and we love to share, we’ve put together a fun list of 5 things you can do to, or with Bae.

1 – Breakfast in Bed
Waking up to delicious and sweet-smelling food right next to you. Who wouldn’t love that?
That’s definitely a major key to kicking off Valentine’s Day with a bang. ?
Breakfast in bed

2 – Dinner for Two

Now this doesn’t mean that one person will slave in the kitchen while the other is somewhere else with legs crossed. You both should cook up your favourite meals together. Playing games and gisting while at it will not only make this really special but also romantic, don’t you think?
You could even go chef mode and come up with a three-course meal that includes some delicious appetizer (preferably some American Honey flavoured Vanilla and chocolate cake), a main course and some American Honey flavoured ice-cream for dessert.
Post the photos on Instagram and pepper them on Snapchat.
Your friends will wish they were you. No doubt.

3 – Movie or Game Night

Why not stay home, play video games or watch scary movies that will get you all excited with goosebumps. That’s a smart, free pass to getting cuddles all night long while munching on sweet treats like popcorn, drinks or chowing down good food.
Movie night2.


4 – Picnic

Dining out on Valentine’s Day might be very expensive and uncomfortable with crowding thanks to every Tunde, Emeka and Ali who only deem it fit to take out girlfriends and fiancees on February 14.
Picnics are more spontaneous, intimate and romantic depending on what you and bae decide to put on your to-do list.

5 – Go Karting
Why not think out of the box and go karting? A little competition never hurt anyone.

If everything else fails just Netflix, chill and enjoy a glass of American Honey with Bae for the night. Too many possibilities in one bottle, if you know what we mean. *winks*


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