How To Clean And Care For Your Beauty Blenders

I’m going to share with you just how clean and sanitize Beauty Blenders so that they are safe for my skin and give me the best makeup application possible.
Just look at those dirty birdies. #Foundation, #concealer –

1- washing it with Nice #warm water and a generous dollop of dish liquid. Plenty of swish and squeeze .

2- Pop the container into your microwave.

3- And cook on #high for about a minute and forty seconds.

4- Fresh, hot, #sanitized Beauty Blenders, ready. Grab a pot holder! Remember, the bowl and contents will be hot. –
5- Allow the #water and #sponges to cool until they are safe to handle. Squeeze out the water and set your sponges on a clean surface to dry. –
And there you have it. Sparkling clean Beauty Blenders, all ready for a #healthy, #flawless –

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