Dayo Amusa’s New Movie ‘Pathetic’ Makes ‘Unforgivable’ Look Simple

Nigerian filmmakers are stepping up and giving fans movies they can be

proud of and can compete globally. One of such filmmakers is Dayo Amusa.

The actor and producer gave us ‘Unforgivable’ in 2013 to critical



In 2017, she’s releasing her latest effort; ‘Pathetic’ and insiders have

revealed that watching it makes ‘Unforgivable’ look like a child’s play.

The fillers are showing that ‘Pathetic’ will beat ‘Unforgivable’ if it

were to be a race. Cinema viewers are in for a swell time.


Amusa’s new movie will be showing at the cinemas from March 24, 2017 and

has an array of stars such as Wole Ojo, Bimbo Akintola, Toyin Abraham,

Funsho Adeolu, Toyin Alausa, Taiwo Okunlola, Anu Shodanya and Dayo Amusa




“Rita Shonibare, a renowned TV star, is caught in a web of confusion as

she makes a compromise on her budding career so as to overcome her

marital ordeals resulting from her wayward and inconsiderate husband,

who explores her status to his own devious means.


“Pathetic” deftly portrays in a subtle and fascinating fashion the

mischievous ways the celebrities are explored by the media, the

outsiders and pathetically, their most trusted loved ones, who regard

them as preys to be feasted upon at their slightest means.”

Watch movie trailer

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