He Wants To Have Sex With Me; 23- Year -Old Unilag Student who is being blackmailed with her nudes Cries Out

Hello!.I’m Amarachi.I’m 23yrs.I want to share ma story.i got masef into a mess jes cux I want to get some money to further my education..it happened DAT a strange num messaged me on WhatsApp.. Tellin me DAT she could help if I b her lesbian partner..which i didn’t answer @ first.den she messaged me again by askin me to b her lesbian partner & she would Gv to me 40k..if I jes accept..den eventually…I said OK…and she asked for ma nude picx…also..which did..den asked her to send d money,w….

….which I refused..den she threatened me by revealing herself as a man…buh during DAT process..we spoke on fone & twas a female voice I heard..dats y I fell more to it.. Cux she always calls..furtherly as he revealed himself. He told me DAT if I don’t do wat he asked DAT he’ll post my nude picx..xo I was scared & asked him wat he wanted..den he said DAT he was goin to pay me back for wat I did to him back den..I was more scared..den I asked him wat he needed..he told me DAT he needs either sex,10k or 3k airtime..

which I was broke…I sent him 3k airtime..buh I borrowed Frm a friend…buh he told me DAT after DAT he’ll free me oo…buh DAT didn’t end Dere…he den asked for sex…which I refused..den I quickly went to d police and told dem wat happened…den d guy threatened me to com to cele along mile12..to com meet him for sex…den I refused…den he threatened again by sending back those nude pics to me..den I cried & begged him..xo he den said DAT I shld bring ma fone DAT he was going to return it back…which I refused still…buh I reported d case to d police..as a student DAT has no money..dey asked me to bring some money to investigate d matter by helping to trace d guys num…which I’m still scared till now..cux I HV no money wid me…buh ma fear is…d last message he sent to me was DAT he knows me too well…to d extent he mentioned were I was working before…cux nw..I’m a student of unilag…he even knows my scl…I m jes xo scared..police matter Sef has got me xo weak..cux I dont knw were to get money to pay d police xo as for dem to locate d guy..or trace his num…Dats y I HV to com to u to seek for ur council…


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