My Dear Daddy,

(My first birthday without my Dad)

To say I will miss you is a gross understatement. Words cannot express the void you have created in me, and surely in others too. You have always been there for all, regardless of roots. You were kind and caring to all and sundry. You discriminated against no one. As I grew under your tender care, I learnt how to relate with others, care for others, knowing that the well-being of others is my well-being.
You taught me how to diligently follow the Lord, rely on Him in everything and leave everything to him. You taught me to be first and foremost heaven minded, to start my day with the Lord and end it with the Lord.
You taught me to work hard and diligently. Laziness was abhorred in all its ramifications. That, you taught me, was the only way to success in life. Your definition of success was beyond riches, encompassing the well-being of others.
I watched you weather storms that seem bigger than the whole world. You overcame them all. Even when the whole world seemed to be against you, you stood your grounds on what was right. Always, you were ultimately vindicated.
You were always willing to listen, always giving sound and wise advice.
Your vision of the future was impeccable. You saw it before it happened.
I cannot forget the musicals we had growing up. The hymns, your compositions, the mayflower songs, xmas carols and a lot more.
Memories of the love you exhumed never cease to bring tears to my eyes. Surely, the tears will continue for years and years to come. They are tears that show how much you affected my life, how much you are missed, how much you are loved.

Rest in peace in the bosom of the Lord Dad.
Love always

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