Meet 28 Year Old Fasilat Eletu, A Graduate Of Political Science Who Excels As A Visual Artist

How it all started

Oh its all started like child’s play , growing up with Art as a talent was fun with crayons, water colours and markers for me , I never saw myself as an artist I was just having fun creating.


How long have you been doing this?

I av been doing this all my life but started it professionally in 2010


Found these old phono disc I av kept for long and I decided to make dem useful by painting on dem ,wat do u think fellas ?I dont only paint on walls, I can paint on anything.


Is this what you do full time?

Yes this is what I do full time I am into Paintings, Portraiture, henna designs , face painting ,Mural; General wall painting and designs,and I recycle used materials into Art piece we cud call it a mixed media and I cud paint on anything.




I studied Political science in Lagos state university, I graduated 2010 but I never had any formal education in Arts

How profitable has painting been for you.

Art has been 70% profitable to me simply cos I am not based on just one aspect of Art and that’s how the business can survive with d Nigerian economy


As one of the few female painters around, do you think been a lady has somewhat affected the way people  receive you and measure up your talent

My gender has really affected really affected my job as a painter both negatively and positively but more of d positive side is wat I av seen.


You know in this part of the world woman are being restricted to some kind business and crafts as they say certain jobs are for men but I laugh them .So wen people see me what
I do they see me as a challenge to men and I get so many supports and encouragements from them and that has attracted more clients


Any word for young ladies to inspire them?
Life is too short make your life count ,don’t make your Gender a danger to your life, do all you can to achie


Instagram @faselarts

pbond number;  08075076058 / 09065985372 / 08091238235

One thought on “Meet 28 Year Old Fasilat Eletu, A Graduate Of Political Science Who Excels As A Visual Artist

  • February 4, 2017 at 2:22 am

    I am impressed by your zeal and bold steps towards creativity. As a fellow artist, i encourage you to remain a tool of empowerment and encouragement for women.


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