Ladies focus on achieving your goals and always think outside the box- Tosin Oyelami


Tosin Olayemi

Miss Tosin Olayemi,  aged 19, kicking on 20, sometime in July. Hails proudly from Oyo state, though resident in the city of Port Harcourt. Tosin became a viral sensation after using Coca-Cola Can to make beautiful phone cases


Few days ago, I followed my friend to get an iphone5 case, and when we got there, the prices were somehow high, she complained about it, I wanted to complain too, but at the same time, I said let me keep shut and think of something nice I could recycle to create a phone case. So after a while, I got this idea. Using a coke can to create one. I silently made one for her (it was stressful sha) and surprised her with it.
She Loves it but I love it more.
I could make one for you with your favorite drink can for a very affordable price.
Thanks- Tosin

A first year undergraduate student of theater and film studies at the University of Port Harcourt.


Tosin is a creative artist. Started off basically making beads but right now I take on a multiplicity of creative works depending my creative juice at every moment. She is  a girl child advocate, and also social media and brand consultant.


NWD- What was your first creative art inspiration, the defining moment for you at the start .


My first creative art inspiration came from watching my mother make beads. It is phenomenal what she able to create out of simple beads.

NWD- How do you generate new ideas?


I am a very visual person. I see object and beyond the object I see creative ideas locked up in them and I want to set them free.

NWD – What are your non-work habits that helped you with your work-life balance?

When I am not working, I am reading, listening to music or out seeing a movie.


NWD- Where do you hope to be in the next 5 years?


5 year from now, I hope the be at the top of my career as a creative person. Whist I have done a bit, I am still learning the ropes. The creative industry continues to grow and gain grounds in Africa it’s it’s diversity. I am still trying to settle in for a specialisation but certainly I should be at the top in 5 years regardless of what my decision is.

NWD – What’s the best advice you received  recently and that you still follow ?


Never procrastinate and if fear sets in “just do it afraid”.

NWD – What do you think is the most limiting challenges women are facing in Nigeria?


I think the most challenge for Nigeria women is attempting to compete with the men. There honestly is no need for a competition. We already have our unique space and all we have to do is put our heart to the test if excellence.

NWD- What’s your most precious fashion item?


Honestly it’s between my sneakers and my simple African necklace piece. I love sneakers.

NWD – Please share any personal story that would be of beneficial to our readers to inspire them


Every part of my life has been inspirational so far. I would only advice the young ladies especially,  to focus on achieving their goals and always try to think outside the box. Uniqueness makes everyone stand out.

Everyday of my Life actually has a story to project, people can follow me via my Facebook @Oyelami Tosin & on Instagram @creatosin.



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