“Dog Chained” Pretty Mike Girls Trend Has To Stop!

Got hold of the video of the ‘Dog chained’ pretty Mike girls. Got me wondering, is this is really for the money or are they just brain dead (am sorry but this is a lil annoying… No extremely annoying!).

What gratification could he possibly get by having them in chains walking ahead of him? To boost his confidence or define social status ? Really that you ‘have money’ isn’t justification for exhibiting this uncivilized act.

Treating other people as though they were lesser human to you, you have to be poor in the mind to do this. As some will probably say, the ladies were not forced and that’s just the sad part of this! Young girls should pls get busy and engage themselves! #SlaveMaster #BlackMind #povertyofthemind #nigerianwomendiary ™@nigerianwomendiary




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