An open Letter to Kemi Olunyolo – by Egbunu Joy

I have read, from a reasonable distance, several posts or publications regarding your swipe at Nollywood celebrities and their likes and I couldn’t help but write you. It is indeed disheartening to note that a person of your repute would stoop so low as to rat out or throw under the bus, a fellow woman!

Whatever happened to women empowerment? Women are supposed to lift each other up, have each other’s back! Are you doing this for publicity? I guess it’s working for you but have you stopped in your tracks for a moment to think of the damages your publications have done, are doing or can still do?

These women you talk about have been through abusive relationships and survived it like you have. They have children who look up to them just like you do! They have fans who see them as role models just like I think you do too! Some of them, look forward to finding the right man and raising a family of their own. It may not be in the public eye yet but have you thought about happy established homes your posts have put a rift in? The world in itself in undergoing so much scrutiny and as women we need to stand together as one voice to make things right!

Nobody is righteous as it is so don’t you think it’s best to thread on a safe pedestal so posterity in itself would hold no grudge against you? I am a woman with many words but choose to stop it here. Grab a hold on your yourself, speak wisdom unto yourself and you would be better for it. I rest my case! #nigerianwomendiary ™@nigerianwomendiary

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