An Easy Guide to Help Her Squirt

Female ejaculation is true and possible for all women. Explain to her that when she is ready to ejaculate (squirt), it will feel like the same pressure as when she has to pee. This is perfectly normal and is exactly what is supposed to happen. What she feels is the buildup of ejaculation from the female prostate gland. When she feels that pressure to let go and release. This will be the biggest hurdle for her to overcome and your support, guidance and communication will make the difference. Start your evening by arousing her slowly. Kiss and lick your way around her body. Stimulate her clit and lick her pussy until she has an orgasm or two.

Tell her how hot she is, tell her you want to give her a new pleasure she has never had before and tell her you want her to cum for you. With her face up and her back on the bed, run your open hand down her stomach to her pussy. With your palm resting on her clit, use your first finger and pinky finger to spread open her pussy lip. Insert your second and third finger inside her and curl them up to stimulate her G-Spot. Use pressure curling your fingers up and down across her G-Spot until it feels larger and firmer. Let your palm naturally slide up and down stimulating her clit. This may take several minutes. Listen for her reactions of pleasure.

She is now ready. You may want to put a folded towel under her butt, unless you want to change the wet bedding. Female ejaculation can be two table spoons or as much as two cups of fluid. She does not want to be embarrassed. It’s your job to guide her through this process and be supportive. Press your fingertips on her G-Spot, keep your fingers rigid and rapidly move your whole hand and arm up and down. Don’t stop, she will wiggle around, she may playfully fight back and protest. It may take a few seconds or a few minutes. Talk to her and tell her to relax, let it go and that you want it.

Continue rapidly poking her G-Spot. Tilt your palm away from her clit and wait for it. When she starts squirting, it will be incredibly stimulating for her. When she can’t take any more, the squirting has subsided, remove your fingers and rub her clit. She may continue to squirt. Tell her how sexy she is and how hard you get watching her. After she catches her breath, try the whole process again. If you have sex afterwards, the feeling of your cock rubbing back and forth across her G-Spot may cause her to squirt again. Over time she and her body will know what to expect and she will squirt more, faster and release more fluid.

Adore Her, Please Her and Celebrate Her!

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