My Wife Has A Vioce, All Women Should Have A Vioce- Sen Ahmad Sani Yarima

My wife, Karima is a reproductive medical doctor. I have daughters who are in medical school and so many who are graduates indifferent challenging fields.
I support the education of the girl child because women need a voice. Women need education to be able to effect the much desired change we are clamouring for.
I have personally given women a chance to manage my affairs, the affairs of the state I hail from and women have contributed in many ways to the man I am today.
My becoming the Governor of Zamfara State started with the vision of a woman I helped, Hadiza. I didn’t have the thought then of becoming a governor. I was the DG Lands in my state then. But because she, like other people (male, female, crippled, whole, poor, rich and everybody) got lands allocated to them soon after their applications, she felt I needed to serve in a higher capacity.
Women are beautiful. They are more beautiful when they have education.
My wife has a voice. all women should have a voice.
I support women. Yes, I do.

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