Must Read! The Severe Effect Abortion Has On A Woman’s Life

All people already divided into those, who are in favour of abortions, and against them. However, it’s not surprisingly, because not everyone can bring oneself to this step.

Also, not everyone sees the right to judge somebody’s decision.

Whether it’s good or bad, but every woman can individually make a decision – to give a birth to a child or not.
Yet, a practising psychotherapist Tatiana Ohneva-Salvoni explained how actually an abortion can affect a woman’s life after, because obviously, such operation will leave its mark.

1. Influence on couple relationship

Event if a decision about making an abortion is mutual, it doesn’t mean that a couple will absolutely forget about it and live happily ever after.
The fact that they turned out to be unprepared to create a family, already shows that there are some problems which this couple can’t overcome. The trust is harmed, as well as the confidence in the future.

2. Pangs of conscience

Even if you came to a decision about abortion or already did it, it doesn’t mean, that you won’t have pangs of conscience. Anyway, you took away a human’s life. A human, who was a part of your flesh and blood. Don’t think, that it won’t leave a mark on your memory. Pangs of conscience can take you by surprise, but what is done can’t be undone.

3. Influence of your future children

There happened to be some cases in psychotherapeutic practice, when children, who were born after their mother once made an abortion, were growing depressive and couldn’t adapt to the life. As if somehow such children don’t feel that they should enjoy the life because their predecessors weren’t destined to come into the world.

4. Neurotic feeling of guilt

This influence differs from pangs of conscience because it’s imposed by society. A woman feels as if the doctors and surrounding persons condemn her action, thus she starts feeling guilty towards everyone, who considers this action as a sin. Again, only you can decide whether to give a life to a child or not, but you should remember that such action will leave a mark on your life forever. If you came to a decision to make an abortion, you should prepare that your life will loose its bright side for some time.

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