#INSTAWOMAN; Cynthia Shalom, Another Rising Star In The Nigerian Movie Industry


Nollywood Actress, Winner -Next Movie star (2015/2016), Business Woman, Skin Therapist. Passionate about what she does. She is Creative, intelligent, dynamic and Fun to be With. She resides in Lagos, Nigeria.


Qeus: Hi, can we meet you ?

Ans: My name is Cynthia Shalom
Next movie star winner 2015/2016


Ques: Tell us your experience being a contestant at the next movie star.

Ans: Next movie star reality show is a platform that identifies and nurtures talents, preparing them for the industry ahead and also creates excitement for the viewers. This made my experience memorable. As a contestant, trust me when i say it was challenging, tasking, educating, energy draining( mentally, psychologically, emotionally and physically lol), in all it was fun and very interesting.


Ques: Ever since you emerged winner , what have you been up to
Ans: I have been on projects..
So wrong so wright by Genesis studios
Tales of eve -Genesis studios
An hour with the shrink- one soul
Dear Diary season 2 – Digital Interactive Media. This airs on AIT Tuesdays and Wednesdays 7.30pm


Ques: How are you able to cope with male fans who are attracted to you.

Ans: I honestly don’t know how to answer this question….Lol


Ques: What do you do when you are not on set, better said what do you do for fun

Ans: I am a business woman. I am a skin therapist. It is my job to make you look good and have an edible skin. Lol. Besides i love my space. I like to see movies and have a good time my friends.


Ques: Where do you see yourself in the next five years ?

Ans: In the next five years, I will be a very famous celebrity and a well established movie producer receiving awards here and there for my hard work you know. Lol. Catch me if you can?


#INSTAWOMAN; Cynthia Shalom, Another Rising Star In Nollywood Industry

Ques: Who would like to work with in the Nigerian movie industry ?

Ans: The industry has grown so much that it accommodates a whole lot of fantastic actors. Not withstanding, i still have these people dear to my heart that i will like to work with … Majid Michel, Wale Ojo, Nse Etim, Rita Dominic amongst others.


Ques: Who is your celebrity crush in the movie industry?

Ans: Majid Michele.. Anytime anyday or maybe for now. Hahahaha


Ques: Idris Elba or Richard Mofe damijo ?

Ans: Chai! This one is hard o hmmmm??
Both men are hawt! But my pick will be The ever blazing, handsome, hot and classy grandfather Richard Mofe Damijo. ??
I’m sorry Idris, I like you too but for this one, hmmmm…You will understand when you get to RMD’s age. Lol


Ques: What is your most embarrassing moment as a celebrity?

Ans: I can’t think of one for now


Ques: Coke or Pepsi?

Ans: Coke or none?? Coca cola, you better look for me??


Ques: If you had the opportunity to travel to anywhere in the world… What 3 places would come to mind first.

Ans: The Caribbean’s, Hawaii and Paris


Ques: What is the one thing you would not travel without?

Ans: I can’t say???


Ques: What colour would you rock anytime anyday?

Ans: Red


Ques: Friend with a Bad breath or friend with a body odour?

Ans: Ha! Na wa o. Which kind suffer? None abeg. Thank you??


Ques: Hmmm, so , are you presently seeing someone…lol

Ans: I am presently not going to say a word. Next!


Ques: If you have the opportunity to change something in Nollywood, what would that be ?
Ans: Remuneration in Nollywood is appalling.
Actors work really hard, they should therefore be respected and treated right in all sense of it. In as much as acting is a talent, it is also a job. Sometimes a 24/7 job where one is not even in control of his/ her schedule. So when someone puts in so much passion, time and energy to create excitement for viewers, the compensation should be worth it.
NigerianWomenDiary: It’s been a wonderful time with you. It’s great having you as our InstaWoman of the week.

Cynthia: Thanks so much for this Honour. I really appreciate it.

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