Exclusuive! Please let my husband come home,Lagos legislator wife begs unilag student.

The woman in question sen NWD  an anonymous mail of how are hubby left she & her little daughter alone & eloped with his lover to Dubai on holidays. Read below


“kindly for God almighty sake help me post this,I know your page is not for complains but believe me I have a big reason for sending this message to you.Please there is a lady who follows and comment on your page that am directing this to.

Please help me beg your followers to beg her,she is a student of Unilag and from Edo state please pity me and leave my husband let him come home.He is a member of Lagos State house of Assembly.Right now they have gone to Dubai for holiday of which he told the gate man not to allow me and my kid to go out.People have been sending me her snapchats pictures and am seeing the things they are doing,she should even please let him pick my call so that I can allow my daughter speak with his father

Please young lady I am an independent lady that you know,apart from the fact that am still in school I own a big store at Island too,if u like keep him under ur armpit,dont release him,stay with him infact go with him to work just please let my daughter speak with his father cos she has been crying and wouldn’t allow me rest.Thank you”

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